Mr Parker: How I Stopped Worrying & Learned to Love Life in the Plague Zone!

This is to all the 2nd hand ‘late to the party’ folks spreading Corona mania and also to help inform anyone interested.

I wanna address the sob stories and ‘the worry and the pain’ and the 2nd hand fear stories people keep pumping out related to the coronavirus.

Well you know what people, I was living in Kirkland a mere three miles away from that nursing home where the first deaths were reported. I had already given my landlord notice that I was moving out March 1 2020. Going back Hawaii.

The first death happened about 3 days before and I had all these people from Craigslist coming over and suddenly they all stopped showing up. I was focused on moving so I just assumed I’d connected with a bunch of flakes. Later I realized as soon as they realized they were going to Kirkland, the Plague Zone, I got it.

Then I started trippin out on the Chinese from China (new US immigrants), Craigslist buyers that had spent long times with me going thru my apartment as Covid was allegedly spreading like wildfire. Shameful but logical.

In fact, prior to the first deaths, the media and the various local government’s kept issuing statements shaming our local population for avoiding Chinese businesses. They kept hammering the point that Chinese-owned businesses had lost almost 30% (not sure on exact#) of they’re normal revenue…due to ‘racism’. That went on all through February 2020.

Anyway I bought a ticket to Hawaii got a hotel room for my last night in Seattle then I thought about it. If this shit is real and I’m from Kirkland and I’m about to go visit my elderly parents coming from the only US plague Zone to Hawaii?! No wayz Bah! I decided that’s just not good. Never got a refund either from Delta.

I ended up living in my car for almost 3 months and basically found myself homeless in the cold late winter in Plague City USA. As a middle aged diabetic, I’m in that category of high risk. I was sweating believe me! Later I read up on the long term side effects of insulin use. It turns out that they are a near match to Covid symptoms. That was a definite ‘Aha’ moment. Bastards!

All other Americans and Indians Pakistanis etc were at that time, merely remote viewing while I was effin homeless as the ‘pandemic’ unfolded around me.

I still had my job and honestly almost lost my mind and my job over my refusal to enter any hospital and forcing their employees to meet with me outside.

I also felt it was my social responsibility to be tested because I was going through a lot of public places, hospitals, offices and meeting with a lot of people. So I called the King county coronavirus hotline to get a Covid test. I told them my circumstances and they straight up told me ‘even though you’re at high risk, you don’t seem to have any of the known symptoms so don’t take the test.’

I was startled and I also noticed the ladies voice was almost like she was hinting something between the lines and she kept saying no don’t take the test, don’t take the test! I again pointed out that my work demands that I interact with a lot of people  so I feel it’s correct and proper I be tested. She replied,”I really don’t advise it. But here’s the address near you.’

I at the time was trusting that they know best, so I followed her recommendations. I thus never took the test until Dec 2020 so I could fly outta Pakistan.

So I don’t want to hear any judgmental bullshit that I’m irresponsible, uncaring and selfish. I effin did my duty and fulfilled my social responsibility.

These were shitty times indeed. Then I found that empty Corona Facility and I was pissed. Then I noticed the hospital signs barring entry to anyone with the ‘following symptoms’. It basically listed every common pain disorder on the planet.

I looked at the front desk Nurse laughed saying, ‘not sure how anyone made it in here with that list of every symptom known to man.’

Then the repeated assertions by the mainstream press and ‘experts’ admitting that they know very little about this new disease yet they are so certain at the same time. O and the Mexican baby born with Covid supposedly from a Covid free Mom??!  What an insult to our intelligence!

Dont talk science and tell me that is possible. The tests are as far from science as Pluto the Dog is from Pluto the planet!

And the Covid propoganda spewed out with this fear mongering theory presented as proven science! Now every time I use a toilet I always get triggered remembering all those proclamations that toilet flushing is dangerous because it blows coronavirus everywhere. These guys are pathetic! Such an insult to my intelligence!

That is when I then began enjoying the empty City streets. The fear and panic had emptied all the shops yet no regulations were in place, so I felt like one of the last people on Earth in a way, getting VIP treatment just for being one of the few they interacted with. I also ended up getting all the best assignments because everyone else was too afraid. I’m like “Hallelujah and Pass the Ammunition! Yippee kai yay!”

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