Secret History of the Divine: HR, Heru, Hari, Helios, Eli & Ali

I created the PowerPoint Presentation below back in June 2009. It was presented at the Los Angeles Masonic Lodge for the 2009 Kuli Mela Gurukula Reunion.

After I finished my talk on the Winged Disc,
I went up to the lounge. 1st thing I saw
was the Winged Disc above the fireplace.
Quite a validating moment indeed

Scroll Up to View Entire Presentation

This same Divinity is the very same Ra-Harakhty who is also named Heru. We know the names from the many inscriptions left by the ancient Egyptians. When we see names like Heru, Horus, Harakhty, Aten, Amun, we can only be sure of the consonants and all merely guess at the pronunciation of the vowels. Therefore HR and Heru may just as well be Hari or Hara. Modern scholars merely speculate that the Egyptian Supreme God identified by the letters HR was pronounced Heru or Hor.

Thus surely the ancient, vibrant and ongoing Vedic-Hindu traditional names of Hari or Hara can be reasonably applied. Since HR and Hari are both Blue, accompanied by Eagles and Serpents and share the same exact attributes, clearly they are the same One Supreme Godhead. 

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