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Between 1757 and 1947, British colonials starved to death more than 60 million Indians – Ramtanu Maitra

Between 1757 and 1947, British colonials starved to death more than 60 million Indians – Ramtanu Maitra http://bharatabharati.in/2015/07/28/between-1757-and-1947-british-colonials-starved-to-death-more-than-60-million-indians-ramtanu-maitra/ — Read on bharatabharati.in/2015/07/28/between-1757-and-1947-british-colonials-starved-to-death-more-than-60-million-indians-ramtanu-maitra/

Ancient Syria’s Hari Culture & Akhenaten’s Eye of God

Excavations in El-Amarna, Egypt have revealed that during the middle of the 2nd millennium BC,  Kings and Princes with typical Vedic names were ruling in the region of modern day Syria. Some of these names are Artamanya, Aryavirya, Yashodatta, Barattarna Dushrata and Suttarna

UK 1969: Finding Krishna & Prabhupad with the Beatles

A rare historic first hand account of Britain’s late 1960s popular cultural phenomenon. The intersection between ancient Vedic transcendence and the West’s vibrant 1960s cultural youth rebellion is rarely understood. Here, the author, Colin ‘Kula’ Jury/Kulashekar, Prabhupada’s first British disciple, provides an intimate and accurate look into the era from the perspective of an active participant. Colin shares his role in those historic days with his Gurudev, Srila Prabhupada, the Beatles and his role in recording the ‘Top of the Pops” Radha Krishna Temple Album

Beikthano or ‘Vishnu City’ – Myanmar’s Most Ancient Urban Center – Burma’s Vaishnava Foundations

Beikthano, named after Lord Vishnu, is the oldest urban site so far discovered in Myanmar/Burma. It’s remains—the structures, pottery, artefacts, and human skeletons—date from 200 BCE to 100 CE. Vishnu city was the first capital of a culturally and politically uniform state in the history of Burma and it was a Vaishnava based Civilization. The significant absence of Buddhist statuary and relics of Pyu inscriptions fixes Beikthano (Vishnu) culture at an earliest stage of Pyu chronology. Clearly the city named after Vishnu was founded by Vaishnavas – Followers of Vishnu. As an Avatar of Vishnu, Buddhism developed as a new Dharmic Flowering within the same Culture Milieu

Philippines- A Golden Heritage

“It is impossible to believe that the Hindus, if they came only as merchants, however great their number, would have impressed themselves in such a way as to give to these islanders, the Philippines, the number and the kind of words, which they did give. These names of dignitaries, of caciques, of high functionaries of the court, of noble ladies, indicate that these high positions, with names of Sanskrit origin, were occupied at one time by men, who spoke that language. The words of similar origin, for objects of war, fortresses and battle songs, for designating objects of religious beliefs, for superstitions, emotions, feelings, industrial and farming activities, show us clearly that the warfare, religion, literature, industry and agriculture were at once time in the hands of the Hindus and that this race was effectively dominant in the Philippines.” (source: El Sanscrito en la langua Tagalag – T H Pardo de Tavera Paris 1887)

Vedic Philippines: 900 AD – Earliest known Calendar-Dated Filipino Document

“The Laguna Copperplate Inscription, among other recent finds such as the Golden Tara of Butuan and 14th century pottery and gold jewellery in Cebu, is highly important in revising ancient Philippine history, which was until then considered by some Western historians to be culturally isolated from the rest of Asia, as no evident pre-Hispanic written records were found at the time.”

Tenskwatwa & the Black Sun: Revolutionary Revelations

One day as he lit his pipe Lalawethika suddenly collapsed face-first into a burning fire-pit. His wife and brothers pulled him from the fire but saw no signs of life in his body. Believing him dead, they were preparing his body for burial when Lalawethika suddenly jumped up. He had not died. Not only was he alive but he seemed enchanted. Gone were the drunken slurs, gone was the bragard with his false bravado. Soon ‘Noisy’ Lalawethika became Tenskwatawa or the ‘Open Door’. Rather than his typical false braggardly words he now revealed that he had been given a vision. He revealed that the Master of Life had sent two young men to carry his soul into the spirit world. There he saw the past and the future. He saw Paradise and Hell as well as a large house filled with fire.  He announced that he had quit drinking and renounced his past evil ways. Overcome, Lalewithaka wept as he described the vision.

Vishnu: Universal Deity or ‘Another Ethnic Hindu God’?

Alleged religious experts ignore the fact that Aesclepius & Helios (Balarama & Krishna) worship was the predominant religion of the Mediterranean Pre-Christian era. Yet they continually harp on the ‘highjacking’ of pagan symbols by the Christians. There was no need to hijack anything. Jesus Christ was the latest Avatar and revelation of these very same ancient ‘Pagan’ traditions just as he was to the Judaic tradition. It was a new phase in an ancient continuity of religion and prophecy. Thus the symbols representing the same Deity and concepts were maintained by the followers of the Christ. Thus today we still use the Healing Rod of Asclepius/Anubis/Hermes/Moses as the modern symbol for Healing, Doctors & Hospitals. Thus we still invoke Goddess Hygieia, the daughter of Aesclepius, whenever we use the word Hygiene. These ancient elemental impacts on modern society are not limited to the realm of medicine alone!


The question is,”Why does King Philip’s tomb have so many Indian influences? How is it possible if the Greek and Indian cultures had no direct contact until Alexander’s Asian campaigns?” The answer is simple. Because Greek culture was originally, Vedic in nature, it is only logical that there would be strong similarities to Indian culture in Greek art, religion and culture.

Flooding the Zone: Truth in the Age of Untruth

In an Upcoming Presentation, I will highlight the Impact of Truth even when it is ignored, sidelined or misconstrued. Like a Pearl, Truth is actually reinforced by attempts to Supress it. Very often, efforts against Truth serve as Beacons inspiring the Pursuit of Truth for those Dedicated to Truth!

Har-pa-Khered:Blue Child God of Ancient Egypt is Hari-Krishna:Blue Child God of India

This description of the Har-pa-khered – Harpocrates tradition is a perfect match for the agrarian connotations associated with India’s Child Krishna Tradition. In fact the identity of Har-pa-khered can be deciphered through the application of the Vedic Indian Template. The Clay Pot held by Heru the Child has been identified by the University of Michigan as a “Symbol of Abundance”. This same Har-pa-khered is said to rest upon a lotus and at other times he rests upon a serpent. Thus in the Egyptian tradition we have God (Har/Heru/Horus) as a Blue Child holding Clay Pot with One Hand at His Mouth and who is frequently presented as resting upon a serpent.and/or a lotus flower. Lord Krishna is also frequently worshiped as a Blue Child holding a Butter Pot with One Hand at His Mouth. Krishna also rests upon the Cosmic Serpent Ananta Shesha and/or upon a Lotus Flower

Ancient Hindu Mariners & Australian Gold

Note: In 2010 vedicempire.com published this article positing prehistoric links between India and Australia. Commonalities in both language and place names, along with several Vedic artifacts, indicated ancient contacts between these cultures. Then in 2013, DNA studies confirmed this theory to be a historical fact. Ancient Indians did indeed reach Australia many centuries ago. Time and again the Vedic conclusions are validated as accurate. The Veracity of the Vedic Conclusions are Verifiable and provide the final Verdict in the investigation of Truth. 500 years ago, the Sanskrit Hindu kingdoms of Angkor Wat and Java were defeated and brahmins and craftsmen escaped to Bali by ship, and Macassan fishermen were sailing to Cape York in north Australia. They gave about 600 words to north Australian languages, such as ruppiah for “money”.

Marxist Genocide of Buddhist Mongolia – Stark Warning for India

35,000 Mongolians were outright Butchered in a Physical Genocide. The elimination of these Traditional Mongolian Cultural Icons and Activists thus enabled the Communists to carry out a Brutal Campaign of Cultural Genocide. Millions of religious canons, books, records were burned and monasteries destroyed.The report of the Religious Affairs Department from August 1939: “Out of 767 registered monasteries 724 have been demolished.” This included more than 2,000 temples, 312 Datsans or religious  schools along with classes and libraries. The final report notes that half of 5,500 buildings used for religious purposes were destroyed by 1939. A rough estimation of the conficated property of monasteries can be concluded from the request for “1,006 trucks (three tons each) needed  to transport” to the capital city. And this included only the most  valuable items like golden and silver statues, precious stones.

Tibetan Buddhists Recognize Mongol Supreme God Tengri as Buddha

Siberia’s Tibetan Buddhists were not the first to identify Tengri and Buddha as one. It is a recognition that goes back thousands of years. The Vaishnava traditions of India identify this same Buddha as a Vishnu Avatar. Combining this fact with the Buddhist recognition of Tengri as a form of Buddha with the Turkic Muslim prayers identifying Allah as Tengri, we find a direct link connecting Vishnu/Krishna, Buddha, Allah and Tengri. Clearly the same Divine Lord is at the Foundation of these four prominent world religious traditions.

As it was in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia & Philippines – So it was in China

Ancient Chinese records reveal that there were 3 Vedic temples in one Chinese city within the same time period. In 750 AD there were 3 Chinese Monasteries full of Brahmins as well. The Tang Dynasty (618–907 AD) have been identified as being ‘Hindu’ for 2 Generations. A Deity of Lord Shiva was installed, by Royal Decree (Firman), for the ‘Well Being’ of the Chinese Emperor.

Caitanya’s Bhakti Movement Empowers India & Humanity

In fact many aspects of social awareness and a common acceptance of higher human values amongst non-Indian peoples can be directly connected to the mission of Prabhupada/Chaitanya. This legacy is intentionally downplayed and ignored by mainstream academia and social scientists. Yet it is a fact. Thus from that fact alone Chaitanya’s legacy is profound.

Names & Temples of Lord Murugan

Lord Muruga is the most popular Hindu deity among the people of Tamil Nadu. He is the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati, his brother is Ganesha and his wives are Valli and Deivayanai, he is known by different names like Subramanya, Subramani, Muruga, Shanmuga, Skanda, Karthilkeya, Arumuga and Kumaraswamy.

Ancient Vedic Ramayana Accurately Describes Prehistoric Geography

The legend of King Sagara provides many vital clues that signify an intimate knowledge of the ancient world’s geography. Going by the evidence provided within the ancient Vedic texts compared with the modern geological sciences it appears that we are not dealing with mere myths. Rather we are confronted with several starling factors that can only be reconciled when we recognize that we are dealing with very ancient history.

An Instructional Episode from Vedic History

When Kṛṣṇa was informed by Satyabhāmā of the murder of His father-in-law, He began to lament like an ordinary man. His great sorrow is, again, a strange thing. Lord Kṛṣṇa has nothing to do with action and reaction, but because He was playing the part of a human being He expressed His full sympathy for the bereavement of Satyabhāmā, and His eyes filled with tears upon hearing about the death of His father-in-law. He thus began to lament, “Oh, what unhappy incidents have taken place!”

The Rage of Akhenaten Explained

We do not know how Akhenaten’s father died, but it is certain it was entirely unexpected. There were no funerary preparations in progress and he was in the middle of big projects. Akhenaten was stunned. While he was in Thebes to perform his father’s funerary rites, unexpectedly his daughter died.Whether by curse or by conspiracy, Akhenaten clearly blamed the Amen priesthood for their deaths.

American Indian Karna

There are many similarities between Vedic culture and the American Indian traditions. In the Pueblo (Indians of the SW USA) traditions there is an amazing tale which parallels the story of Karna from the Mahabharata. There are some variations but the similarities are striking

Vedic Brahma & Apache Kuterastan

The Creation Story of the American Kiowa Apache Indians is very similar to the Vedic Creation Story. Both the Apache creator Kuterastan and the Vedic Creator Lord Brahma appear on a disc shaped object. Brahma sits on the yellow whorl of the lotus and Kuterastan sits on a yellow disc. Both Look around themselves in the four directions and observe an effulgent sea beneath them. Both have the number 4 as a significant component in their beginnings

Ancient Africa’s Supreme Lord Olu is Heru-Eli-Hari

OLU is the name of the Supreme Father God, HARI in the Niger-Kordofanian Language Family. Thus we have the SAME FATHER GOD belonging to the African Yoruban religious family, the Egyptianreligious family and monotheistic (Platonic Heliopolitan related) ‘pagan’ Europeans. This same God is the Yahweh, Jehovah and Allah of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. He is the same God within the Persian traditions including the still extant Zoroastrianism or Parseeism, the earliest Sumero-Tamil/Dravidian religion, and the Great Eastern Salvific Bhakti Traditions of Krishna-Vishnu (and Rama etc.) The same God is Shiva and he is Buddha of the Pure Land Buddhist Amitabha/Amida. He is Father Heaven/Yang to Kuan Yin in China. In the previous (Prehistoric) Earth Age,
All of the Tribes of Humanity worshiped the Vedic Adi Purusha = Krishna – Baladeva – Paramatman

2011 Book Interview – The Serpent Eagle Lion & the Disk

This interview was conducted during the research and writing of ‘The Serpent, The Eagle, The Lion and The Disk’. I detail the nearly forgotten ancient world’s ‘God as Time’ – Kalo’smi’ worship, the ancient global presence of Vishnu worship and the symbols and icons that reflect this presence


Original Buddhism of Egypt BC vs the Later Atheistic ‘An-Atta’ Buddhism of Today

Before the rise of the atheistic ‘Material Atomism’ corruptions of the Divinely Revealed Love Affair (Hieros Gamos Bridal Mysticism) of the Param Atma and the jiva atma, there was no developed thought system or historically identifiable school of no-self ‘Buddhism’. So the an-atta / no-self atheistic form of Theravadin Buddhism was related to the historical development of the deviant school of the Greek ‘Material Atomists’ of Democritus. The atheistic or Maya-vadi schools of ‘Hinduism’ and the Mediterranean schools of GNOSTICISM were also historically related to the rise of Material Atomism. ATMAN-ism in the Afro-Heleno-Semitic Mediterranean Region was ORIGINALLY the primal Monotheistic Religion of the omnipresent Supreme Self of Heru-Ausu / Heli-Os / Eli-Yahu / Allah, and the finite HBA / HEVA / EVA JIVA-soul Beloved of HERU / HARI, the Loving Lord of every Hari-Daya HEART / HRID.

Kichijoten – Sri Lakshmi the Treasure of Ancient Japan

摩訶室利, 功德天女, 吉祥天女, 功德天 KICHIJŌTEN – Skt. = Sri Laksmi, Mahasri: Identified with Laksmi, name of the goddess of fortune and beauty frequently in the later mythology identified with Śrī and regarded as the wife of Visnu or Narayana, she sprang from the ocean with a lotus in her hand, whence she is also called Padmā, and is connected in other ways with the lotus. “Originally, Kichijoten was imported into Buddhism from Hinduism, being known as Laksmi, the goddess of beauty and prosperity.

Vedic Divinities of Japan

This highly informative document reveals the many Vedic Divinities still honored today in Japan. It is titled as ‘Hindu Contributions to Japanese Religion.’ However these Vedic cultural elements of Japanese Tradition predate the historical use of the term Hindu. If we are to use the term ‘Indian’, again that name is of Greek origin. Thus both the terms Hindu and Indian do not appear in any ancient Vedic literature. Yet Vedic culture is Universal to both India, Japan and the entire World..

3 Native Sons, 3 Saintly Souls & 3 Brutal Assassinations

The picture could not be more obvious. Within less than 8 years, three native sons who had risen to the role of leaders amongst their people, who had developed dedicated followings and also happen to be not only active but spectacularly successful in the promotion of Hindu culture, have been eliminated. In an area targeted by Christian terror outfits, Maoist terror or a deadly mix of both, these three native Hindu leaders dedicated their lives to the upliftment of their own people. For that reason alone, they were targeted for elimination. ir deaths serve the goals of anti-National forces and radical Abrahamic conversionists.The aggressive attacks parallel each other in terms of method of operation, agenda and action. For this not to be a conspiracy, is beyond belief. Slowly but surely native local Hindu leaders, active within the targeted zones, are being eliminated. Such figures were potential kingmakers whose one word could influence millions and decide the political outcome of elections. The pattern is clear. Any obstacle to the stated agenda of those dedicated to the dismemberment and debasement of India as a Nation will be removed. Any contender to the various anti-India terror groups for the loyalty of the people will be eliminated.

3 Native Sons, 3 Saintly Souls & 3 Brutal Assassinations

The picture could not be more obvious. Within less than 8 years, three native sons who had risen to the role of leaders amongst their people, who had developed dedicated followings and also happen to be not only active but spectacularly successful in the promotion of Hindu culture, have been eliminated. In an area targeted by Christian terror outfits, Maoist terror or a deadly mix of both, these three native Hindu leaders dedicated their lives to the upliftment of their own people. For that reason alone, they were targeted for elimination. ir deaths serve the goals of anti-National forces and radical Abrahamic conversionists.The aggressive attacks parallel each other in terms of method of operation, agenda and action. For this not to be a conspiracy, is beyond belief. Slowly but surely native local Hindu leaders, active within the targeted zones, are being eliminated. Such figures were potential kingmakers whose one word could influence millions and decide the political outcome of elections. The pattern is clear. Any obstacle to the stated agenda of those dedicated to the dismemberment and debasement of India as a Nation will be removed. Any contender to the various anti-India terror groups for the loyalty of the people will be eliminated.

My Report on Mexico’s Symposium on Globalization & Cultures of Resistance

The Symposium took place in Saltillo, also known as ‘la Atenas de México’-‘the Athens of Mexico’. It is the traditional home of many leading Mexican luminaries.The international convention drew attendance from India, USA and regions throughout Latin America and included many representatives from the Coahuila State and Saltillo City Cultural and Education Depts, local scholars, journalists, artists and students.The final day of the conference featured a presentation by Dr. Narahari Achar of Memphis University. Using Planetarium Software he revealed ancient humanities’ understanding of the astronomical sciences in his presentation entitled ‘Astronomical Historical Records in the Literature of Ancient South Asia.’

An Alternate Buddha Date

Thyagaraja Iyer in his book “Indian Architecture” observes,” Here lies Indian Sramanacharya from Bodh Gaya, a Shakya monk taken to Greece by his Greek pupils and the tomb marks his death about 1000 B.C.” If the Buddhist monk went to Greece in 1000 B.C., then the Buddha must have lived at least a few centuries earlier. The Buddha was 72 years old when the coronation of Ajatashatru took place, that is in 1814 B.C. Going backwards, the date of Buddha’s birth becomes 1887 B.C. Since he lived for 80 years, the Buddha must have left the body in 1807 B.C. This date can also be confirmed by purely referring to astronomical calculations, and what is correctly and exactly obtained as the date for Buddha’s nirvana is 27-3-1807 (Sathe, Age of Buddha). This date also explains the possibility of the existence of Buddhism in the second millennium B.C., as was rejected earlier.

By 2020 India to be ‘Unrivalled Power’ – 2005 US Intel Report

FEB 2005 – NIC – US National Intelligence Council; Forecast on India in the year 2020. “The global community will have to deal with the military, political and economic dimensions of the rise of China and India…India will be the unrivalled regional power with a large military — including naval and nuclear capabilities — and a dynamic and growing economy,” The NIC also forecast that India, China and Russia could form a de facto geo-strategic alliance in an attempt to counter-balance US and western influence.” (No Indian leader can even consider such repartee with China = Covid – an undeniable multi-level impact) Connect the Dots. India has endured the impacts of asymmetrical warfare longer than any other nation in the history of the world. Wake Up Bharatiyas! Throw off your Naivety! These Forecasts are not developed for mere scholarly pursuits.

Dara Shikoh – Vedic Muslim Prince & True Heir to the Moghul Throne of India

Did you know that a Mughal Muslim Prince and Heir-Apparent to the throne of the Mughal Indian Empire completed the translation of 50 Upanishads from its original Sanskrit into Persian? His name was Dara Shikoh and he accomplished all of this before his betrayal and death at the age of 44. His translations are called ‘Sirr-e-Akbar’ or ‘The Greatest Mystery’. This Mughal Prince boldly proclaimed that the work referred to in the Qur’an as the “Kitab al-maknun” or ‘The Hidden Book’, is none other than the ‘Vedic Upanishads’. His most famous work, ‘Majma-ul-Bahrain’ or ‘The Confluence of the Two Seas’ was devoted to the mystical and pluralistic affinities between Islamic and Vedic religions and traditions. 

My Tribute to a Saintly Multi-Millionaire – Yes, it’s Not an Oxymoron

Even before his success in business, Arjan Vekaria had been a dedicated humanitarian. During his childhood in Africa, he was involved in several charitable campaigns. In his early days in the UK he would go door to door collecting funds for Indian orphanages. His charitable activities extended beyond the ethnic barrier as well and thus from 1985- 87 he spearheaded the SKLPC (UK) Ethiopian Famine Relief Fund Drive. Then in 1987/88 he coordinated the Gujarat Drought Relief Fund and after the massive earthquake of 2001 he was the Chief Coordinator for the Relief and Reconstruction for Gujarat Earthquake from 2001 until 2004. Arjan’s obvious dedication to selfless service was recognized far and wide throughout British society. Arjan Vekaria also founded Hindu Today Magazine in 2007. Thus the world’s only Pan-Hindu monthly magazine was born. Yet, within a month of the demise of Arjan Vekaria, Hindu Today Magazine was no more; but not before making a significant impact on the history of the world. As a direct result of our publication of Yezidi scholar,Nallein Sowillo’s article on Hindu Yezidi Cultural similarities, two of the world’s most ancient Civilizations were once again reunited.

Ancient Book-Burnings: Theravadin Monks Burn Buddha’s Words in Pyre ‘Seven Elephants High’

Around the 5th century AD, a group of Buddhist monks came to Heladiva (modern and inaccurately named Sri Lanka). Their stated intention was to re-introduce Buddhism to the birth place of the Buddha in India (which by this time had declined). They thus decided to translate all the old Helabasa Dhamma text into Pali (the language of the Buddha’s birth place). It is said in the oral tradition that after everything was translated into Pali; the original Helabasa texts were heaped into a pile ‘seven elephants high’ and burnt. This misguided act of burning texts was a great injustice to the indigenous Hela and a gross insult to the Buddha and his teachings.

Time to Hold India’s Media Legally Accountable

With a focus on the effect and denial of the cause, the media becomes a powerful tool and weapon against a targeted group. Guns alone do not create genocide.This conclusion was reached by the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal. In reference to the media’s complicity in the violence, the Tribunal declared, ‘Without a  firearm, machete or any physical weapon you, (Nahimana founder of Rwanda’s RTLM, Radio TV des Milles Collines) caused the death of thousands of innocent civilians.’

American Indian Finds his Indian Heart / Re: American Cobra

As I research Hinduism and East Indian culture am finding many startling similarities between the “Lakota” people and the Tamil People of South India. For example the aarti and puja offerings-Aarti in in my language means to build an elevated place to pray and Puja means ‘thirst. and pujapi means ‘they thirst. It is the ceremony of the pouring, offering and worship of the water-Maka We Le-Blood of the Mother or Earth Mother. Maka means Mother and it is the same word Mata for linguistically the letters ‘k’ and ‘t are interchangable. The Kentucky region of the USA is home to my ancestors and the mound where I live is the spring solstice wing of the Sacred Serpent Uncakila.

Kumkuma/Vermillion Powder: Sacred Across the Ancient World

Archeologists are puzzled as to why many ancient tombs are drenched with Vermillion Powder. Whether its in China, Chile, Mexico, Rome or Egypt Vermilion/Kum Kum is used. If the archeologists truly want to know why the ancient Chinese, Egyptians, Europeans and Americans used vermilion powder, perhaps they can ask the Modern Hindus of India. Its only logical to learn from the people who have used it for thousands of years and continue to use it to this very day.

Ancient Chinese Sanskrit Philosophical Manuscript Confirms Indus Script Relation to Sanskrit

The Spitzer Manuscript is dated to about the 2nd-century AD. It was discovered near the northern branch of the Central Asian Silk Route in NW China. It was the oldest Sanskrit philosophical manuscript known until the discovery of 2100 year old Sanskrit texts in an Afghan cave. The Spitzer Manuscript shows how Brahmi ka- is derived from the Indus Script karṇaka ‘rim of jar’; thus confirming the cultural continuity of Indic Civilization and Sanskrit. The text is also unique in that no parallel work has ever been found related to it. The text has not been transmitted to China, Tibet, Mongolia, Korea and Japan through translations like most other such early Sanskrit works.

Kala=Time-Kalandar-Kalak; Modern Calendar Anomaly Explained thru Linguistics

In the word Calendar we once again see an example of almost pure Sanskrit. Calendar (Kalandar) and Clock (Kalak) both come from the Sanskrit word Kala meaning Time. When we apply this same Sanskrit as a linguistic archaeological tool to our modern calendar, an anomaly is revealed. Though our modern calendar no longer reflects the original meanings of the months, the very names of these months inform us of their original placement. We can thus identify the calendar as it was thousands of years ago. Linguistic Archeology in effect!

The Sanskrit Dialect Known as English

It is imperative to note that the English language is as close to ancient Sanskrit as Hindi, Bengali or any other dialect from India. And yes, English numerals are Sanskrit not Arabic or Roman. The old English spelling of King is “Cing” as in the ancient Sanskrit appellation King, Cing, Singh, Simha or Simba (E.African Swahili) for Lion meaning powerful. The English language is full of such linguistic descendants that can be perceived directly in relation to its sister dialects, Hindi and Bengali. All differences represent mere dialectical variations of the same exact Sanskrit based words and terminologies. English is thus no further removed from Sanskrit than any language of India.

Pharaoh Akhenaten, Sanskrit Mittani & Ancient Mediterranean Religion

Research has proven Akhenaten’s Vedic roots through his familial connections to the Hurrian/Mitanni peoples. Everyone agrees that the Mitanni were a Sanskrit speaking and writing people and that they worshipped the Vedic gods. What is forgotten is the fact that Akhenaten’s father, his mother, and wife were all related to the Vedic Mitanni. Thus, it is no surprise that Akhenaten’s Religion and Vedic Religion share so many similarities