Vedic Divinities of Japan

NOTE: This highly informative document (below) reveals the many Vedic Divinities still honored today in Japan. It is titled as ‘Hindu Contributions to Japanese Religion.’ However these Vedic cultural elements of Japanese Tradition predate the historical use of the term Hindu. If we are to use the term ‘Indian’, again that name is of Greek origin. Thus both the terms Hindu and Indian do not appear in any ancient Vedic literature. Yet Vedic culture is Universal to both India, Japan and the entire World..

Today Indians are called Bharatiyas and Bharat is the Indigenous name of India. Yet according to the ancient Vedic scriptures, sages and saints, the entire world was once known as Bharat Varsha. Thus we are all Bharaters or Brothers and all beings on Earth are in fact Bharatiyas. Of course Vedic Sages, from what is now called India, traveled to ancient Japan, but not to bring a ‘man-made new religion.’ Rather they came to reinvigorate the foundational spirituality of the region of Bharat Varsha now known as Nihon or Japan.BP

By Rajesh Verma

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