Ancient Africa’s Supreme Lord Olu is Heru-Eli-Hari

Serpent of Life and Eternity’ West Africa Yoruba Wooden Bowl, Museum of Mankind, London

By Bhakti Ananda Goswami

According to some scholarly estimates, as much as 8o% of all African Indigenous Religions are still worshiping One Supreme Father (and Mother) God. Who is that God?

Study the Niger-Kordofanian Language Family and the Supreme Lord Olu of the Yoruba Etc. Olu is clearly the Same Supreme Deity as the Prehistoric Egyptian’s Heru the Elder and the Greek’s Kouros Helios of Rhodes. This Supreme Deity is the Jew’s Eli (Eli-Yahu) and the Arab’s Ali (Eloah is Allah). This is the Vaishnava’s Hari-Vasu (and Hari-Hara).

Ancient Benin Bronze, British Museum

In the previous (Prehistoric) Earth Age,
All of the Tribes of Humanity worshiped the Vedic Adi Purusha = Krishna – Baladeva – Paramatman

The Whole Trinity of Hari-Vasu-Param Atman is also there, as well as Srimati Radha Rani and Her Shakti (Shekinah) Expansions!

OLU is the name of the Supreme Father God, HARI in the Niger-Kordofanian Language Family. Thus we have the SAME FATHER GOD belonging to the African Yoruban religious family, the Egyptian religious family and monotheistic (Platonic Heliopolitan related) ‘pagan’ Europeans. This same God is the Yahweh, Jehovah and Allah of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

‘Ancestral Shrine’ Earliest known photograph of Oba’s compound, Benin City, May 1891.

He is the same God within the Persian traditions including the still extant Zoroastrianism or Parseeism, the earliest Sumero-Tamil/Dravidian religion, and the Great Eastern Salvific Bhakti Traditions of Krishna-Vishnu (and Rama etc.) The same God is Shiva and he is Buddha of the Pure Land Buddhist Amitabha/Amida. He is Father Heaven/Yang to Kuan Yin in China.

All of the Tribes of Humanity worshiped the Vedic Adi Purusha, or Krishna-Baladeva-Paramatman, in the previous (Prehistoric) Earth Age, whether such worship was appropriately tending toward the ‘Mode’ of Sattvic Goodness, or it was in the Rajarshic Mode of Passion, or in the Tamasic Ignorance.

Please seriously study the Non-‘White’ so-called ‘Non-Aryan’ Civilizations of the Prehistoric and Early ‘High Civilizations’ of this World Age. Before they all descended into divisive Ethno-Centric Forms of Tribal and Racist Astrological Patron-Deity Polytheism, they were United in their Worship of the One True God, Heru-Ausu-Atum / Hari-Vasu-Atman.

Ife, Nigeria, West African Oni Bronze Head. These heads are made by a lost wax technique and usually represent an Oni or royal person. The Oni was a descendant of Odudua, the maker of the world. The Oni was divine and never appeared in public without a beaded veil. This is a wonderful example of ancient traditional Benin brass work. Note the ritual scarifications on the forehead. Age unknown. Source

From the Serpent, the Eagle, the Lion and the Disk
Orissha’s (Yoruba Deities) of West Africa
From the Serpent, the Eagle, the Lion and the Disk
From the Serpent, the Eagle, the Lion and the Disk

Modern Depiction of Olu (Olorun)

Prince Odogbo said to have first been thought as a female at birth but later proven to be male. Echo of Krishna’s birth was 1st announced as a female birth later to be proven a male? BP

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