2011 Book Interview – The Serpent Eagle Lion & the Disk

Stele of Ra-Horakhty. Priest Renpetmaa praying to Ra-Horakhty. Coated and painted wood, ca. 900 BC (22nd Dynasty) Louvre, Paris
Key Elements of Vishnu Iconography are Represented in this Ancient Egyptian Relief. Serpent Encircling Disk & Open Cobra hood above Deity as Ananta is depicted above Vishnu/Buddha. Winged Disk above and Hawk headed Ra-Horakhty aniconic and amalgamated forms of Vishnu and Garuda. Hieroglyphic image of Hawk carrying a Disk on head represents Garuda carrying Vishnu in his aniconic Godly Vision Disk form, the Su Darshan Chakra. On the bottom God is represented again in his Ankh form, a variation of the Disk, Swastika, Akhnaten’s Radiant ‘solar’ Arms and the Cross. The Djed-djed Pillars represent God in his Sacred Wood Pillar Daru Brahma/Jagannath Form

This interview was conducted during the research and writing of ‘The Serpent, The Eagle, The Lion and The Disk’. I detail the nearly forgotten ancient world’s ‘God as Time’ – Kalo’smi’ worship, the ancient global presence of Vishnu worship and the symbols and icons that reflect this presence.

Thank you to University of Hawaii Journalist-Researcher Balaram Fergusson of BalaBlog (Twitter.com/BalaBlog) for this interview.

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