Dogs of the Death God – Ancient Egypt, India & Mexico

Solid Evidence confirming a shared Vedic cultural tradition between three of the ancient worlds most influential civilizations

The Indic, Coptic and Aztec religions all have Dogs at the center of their Death rituals and traditions.

In India Yamaraja the God of Death is accompanied by Dogs and also appeared as a Dog and joined the Pandavas in their final days, eventually guiding Yudhisthira into heaven.

Blessed Dogs of Nepal

As seen in the image above: “It is customary in Nepal for people to offer blessings to dogs which are, according to Hindu tradition, the messengers of Yamaraj, the god of death.” Photograph: Prakash Mathema/AFP/Getty images and text.

In Ancient Egypt the God of Death Anubis is Wolf-headed and accompanied by Dogs. The centre of the Anubis cult was in uten-ha/Sa-ka/ Cynopolis, a place whose Greek name simply means “city of dogs”. Anubis has usually been identified as ‘jackal-headed’ yet “…recent genetic studies show that the Egyptian jackal is actually a form of the grey wolf and has thus been renamed the “Egyptian Wolf”.

And in the Aztec Culture: “…believed dogs could guide human souls into a new life after death on earth, and could guard pyramids and other monuments when buried under them.

Details regarding the Aztec Sacred Dog of the Death God Tradition

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