Vedic Empire Presents: ‘Flute & Serpent Gods of Native America’

In this Episode of Vedic Empire Presents Professor N. Kalia speaks on the Indigenous American traditions of the Hero Twins, Kokopele, the Corn Maidens and other related topics. The Sacred Hero Twins tradition is not an isolated belief, but rather, is found throughout both North and South America, from Alaska to Tiera Del Fuego.

In an exact parallel to the Vedic Vaishnava tradition of Krishna and Balarama, the Hero Twins are often represented as a dark complexioned flute player younger brother with a light complexioned elder brother who is also a Serpent deity. Lord Krishna is also a dark complexioned flute player and the younger brother of Balarama. Lord Balarama is light complexioned and is also a Serpent Deity.

All these divinities are intimately associated with Maidens with whom they dance and are at the foundation of agriculture and bountiful prosperity. The Divine Mother Goddess is also at the root of these traditions and parallels the Vedic Supreme Goddess, Lord Krishna’s beloved Srimati Radharani and her Avatar the Goddess of Wealth Sri Lakshmi.

Other topics include the Sacredness of the Serpent within the Judeo-Christian tradition as the Staff of Healing, the Black Christ and the Catholic Church’s synchronized recognition of Native American deity Hunahpu as Christ, Quetzalcoatl of the Ancient Americas, Church Father Sahagun’s guided and Native written ‘Florentine Codex, Olukun & Damballa of West Africa’s Indigenous cultures and their connectivity with Ancient Egyptian Religion, Chibiabos, the Flute Playing deity and younger brother of Manabozho highlighted within the famous ‘Song of Hiawatha’ and the flute playing deities of the Hopi, Pueblo, Meso-America and more…

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