Dharma in the Political Context – Ram-Rajya Ideal Revealed

Note: Abstract I wrote in 2006

Ramrajya Ideal Revealed. Functioning as a Servant-King, Bharat maintained the Kingdom and worshiped Lord Ram’s Sandals keeping them upon the throne as the symbol of true authority. Tulsi Manas Mandir, Varanasi, UP, India

The opinion has often been presented that politics and religion have no common ground. Beyond that, it is commonly expressed that the combination of politics and religion is volatile and dangerous. Historically it would appear that this is the case. However once we understand that Dharma is at the essence of both politics and religion we can recognize the important role they both have in society.

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Dogs of the Death God – Ancient Egypt, India & Mexico

Solid Evidence confirming a shared Vedic cultural tradition between three of the ancient worlds most influential civilizations

The Indic, Coptic and Aztec religions all have Dogs at the center of their Death rituals and traditions.

In India Yamaraja the God of Death is accompanied by Dogs and also appeared as a Dog and joined the Pandavas in their final days, eventually guiding Yudhisthira into heaven.

Blessed Dogs of Nepal
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