Original Buddhism of Egypt BC vs the Later Atheistic ‘An-Atta’ Buddhism of Today

Note: This is a Response from Sri Bhakti Ananda Goswami to my article “Ancient Book-Burnings: Theravadin Monks Burn Buddha’s Words in Pyre ‘Seven Elephants High’ After several years hiatus, The Collected Works of Sri Bhakti Ananda Goswami website is once again up and running and back in service in the capable hands of Elijah Dobkins. Both new and vintage treasures from the last half a century of Bhakti Ananda Maharaj’s work are being uploaded on a daily basis. A vast catalog of rare, ancient historical treasures of forgotten yet undeniable truth awaits! BP

By Bhakti Ananda Goswami

The Creator Ptah/Budha

Regionally and locally, case-by-case, the ‘original Buddhism’ claims of the atheistic no-self an-atta (Pali Language source related) Theravadin Buddhists can and must be completely debunked for the restoration of the truth about the originally Vaishnava related Pure Land (Sanskrit Scripture based) Mahayana Buddhism.

The Vaishnava-related Bhakti Buddhism of the Divine Tri Kaya Trinity of Pure Land Buddhism was a purely Other-Power salvific PERSONAL ATMA POSITIVE Tradition of Love and Grace!  This ORIGINAL BUDDHISM can be traced back to thousands of years BC in Egypt, where it developed as the specifically Afro-Heleno-Semitic Ptah School of Heru-Ausur (Osiris)-Atum Sokar-Ptah at the devotional Ausar-Sokar-Ptah Capital City of Memphis.  This Heru-Ausu-Atum School of Ptah (Budh) as The Opener (open eyes mean alive and awake!) was very popular with the DIKSHA / DISCIPLINE schools of the ascetics and philosophers / intellectuals throughout the Region. 

It is this PTAH / BUDH ‘Awakened’ School of the Divine Awakener, Heru-Ausu (Ausar Osiris)-Atum (Aton / Adon / Adam Kadmon / Atum / Aten ATMAN), that was part of the larger primal Heru-Ausu-Atum Tradition.  Before the rise of the deviant atheistic School of the no-self / an-atta Material Atomists, there was no such thing as the atheistic so-called Theravadin Buddhism that we have today.

An artist’s impression of MemphisEgypt. Source

The Primal Revelation’s Egyptian Supreme Aton / Atum / Sanskrit Param Atman / Amarna’s Aten / Heliopolis’s Adon (Jewish Adon-Yahu) was the Immanent Lord of the Heart, the All-Pervasive Third Person of the Most Holy Trinity, the Rupa Kaya of the Pure Land Buddhist Tri Kaya (Buddhist Sanskrit Kaya=Egyptian KA) Trinity.  He Aton / Adon-Yahu  was the Singular Egyptian Per-Ausu  / Greek Polieus / Sanskeit Purusha (giving / masculine) Divine Lover of the plural and receiving / feminine ‘BA / HEVA / EVE / HEBE, Sanskrit JIVA atmas…the infinite number of autonomous, finite soul-selves.  

Before the rise of the atheistic ‘Material Atomism’ corruptions of the Divinely Revealed Love Affair (Hieros Gamos Bridal Mysticism) of the Param Atma and the jiva atma, there was no developed thought system or historically identifiable school of no-self ‘Buddhism’.  

So the an-atta / no-self atheistic form of Theravadin Buddhism was related to the historical development of the deviant school of the Greek ‘Material Atomists’ of Democritus. The atheistic or Maya-vadi schools of ‘Hinduism’ and the Mediterranean schools of GNOSTICISM were also historically related to the rise of Material Atomism. 

ATMAN-ism in the Afro-Heleno-Semitic Mediterranean Region was ORIGINALLY the primal Monotheistic Religion of the omnipresent Supreme Self of Heru-Ausu / Heli-Os / Eli-Yahu / Allah, and the finite HBA / HEVA / EVA JIVA-soul Beloved of HERU / HARI, the Loving Lord of every Hari-Daya HEART / HRID.  

By de-personalizing the infinite Supreme ATMA and the finite jiva atma, the ‘Material Atomists’ promoted their NO-SELF atheism everywhere.  Those that were deviants of the Memphite Ptah (Budh)Tradition carried out their militantly atheistic campaign as no-self ‘Buddhists’.  

Nyorin Kannon is Narayana Krishna. Besides both being recorded in the 1400 year old texts as the Consort of Mahasri Lakshmi, they share all the same attributes, associates, symbols, emblems and ritualistic traditions. Long Worshipped as Lord Buddha within the Japanese Tradition, historical evidence confirms that Kannon worship predates the arrival of Buddhism in Japan. Image source: Onmarkproductions According to both scholars and local tradition, the “statues” worshiped at Raikoji Temple are so ancient that, “As to when and by whom those statues were fashioned are unknown. Kamakura Today

From the tomb of King Tutankhaten: Ananta Shesha Naga, the ‘Un-Ending Remainder Serpent‘ and Resting Place of Narayana Hari, Carrying Him upon His Heads in His Aniconic Disk Form Known as the Sudarshan Chakra, the ‘Auspicious Vision Disk‘. Rather than merely a ‘solar emblem’ this ‘Auspicious Vision‘ of God has been worshipped throughout history in the form of the Sacred Disk – Buddha’s Wheel – Vishnu’s Chakra.☀️ Sanskrit Chakra = English: Circle,Cycle,Clock Latin:Circulos, Greek: Kyklos, Russian: Kruk

See the related Wikipedia links for more information on the development and history of the ancient world’s Atheistic Heresies.


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