The Vel of Skanda & the Spear of Christ

By Bhakti Ananda Goswami

In the Vaishnava Tradition, there is a cosmic battle between the followers of Krishna and Shiva, in which Krishna ACCEPTS WOUNDING BY THE VEL OF SKANDA. In various ‘Hindu’ Traditions, the Sri Vatsa Mark or Scar, the TIGMA (TIKA) or STIGMATA on KRISHNA or VISHNU’s Chest is due to His receipt (acceptance) of Skanda’s Lance / Vel. Skanda IS MARS. The Vel / Lance of Skanda DESTROYS SIN in the Tradition of Shaivism and Murugan Worship.

In Krishna-Vishnu-Shiva’s Incarnations They often accept wounding for their Devotees! Thus Kurma’s Back is scarred from bearing the twisting of the Mandara Mountain. Vishnu bears the footprint of His Devotee’s kick. Krishna’s Foot was pierced by the arrow-tip of the metal ball that slew the Yadus. Nila-Kantha Siva’s or Vishnu’s Neck has three blue lines from drinking the HalaHala Poison to save the Universe from the collective Sins of both the Godly and the Un-Godly!

Krishna’s Chest is marked by the Vel of Skanda, and Jesus Christ’s Wounds are associated with ALL His Previous ‘Lilas’ of World-Salvation. Thus the Lance of the Roman Soldier, which was consecrated to MARS / Murugan / Skanda, was the Vel of Skanda that destroys sin!

Sacred Basil / Tulasi was given to Jesus Christ on His Cross. It was dipped in HalaHala, the Sins of the Universe! When He had taken it, He said “It is Finished” and He ‘became sin for us’. Then a Martial Roman Soldier pierced His Side with the Vel of Skanda (Mars) that destroys sin ! Jesus accepted the Vel just as Krishna had in a previous Lila.

Thus the Lance of the Roman Soldier, which was consecrated to MARS / Murugan / Skanda, was the Vel of Skanda that destroys sin! ‘When’ Siva drank the Ocean of Poison (Hala Hala VINAGER) that was the collective sins of the Universe, He did not swallow it, but held it in His Throat. A few drops escaped him becoming all envious poisonous beings.

On the YUPA CROSS, Jesus took these last drops, which were offered on some Tulasi Leaves, AND HE SWALLOWED THEM. Thus He said “IT IS FINISHED”, and having consumed the sins of the entire Cosmic Manifestation, He became ‘Papa Purusha’ or the repository of all of the MORTAL and Venial sins of the COSMOS, and accepting the Vel of Skanda, allowed Himself to be slain for the MORTAL SINS OF THE UNIVERSE. 

A Holy Lance is conserved in Vagharshapat (previously known as Echmiadzin), the religious capital of Armenia
Vel of Skanda, Kurinji Andavar Temple,Tamil Nadu, India
The statue of St Longinus by Gianlorenzo Bernini sits above the relic in St Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City
Stone Vel from the Sangam period,
600 BC – 300 AD Saluvankuppam, Tamil Nadu
The Holy Lance, displayed in the Imperial Treasury at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, Austria

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