Vedic Empire’s “Back to Doghead” Christmas Special

HO HO HO! Merry Christmas & Hare Krishna!

Welcome to Vedic Empire Presents! The First Vedic Empire TV show aired in Honolulu, Hawaii in Oct 1996. Now over 25 years later, N. Kalia and Vrndavan Brannon Parker Reunite! Joined by historical researcher and religious scholar Elijah Dobkins, the Vedic Empire TV Series is Back!

In this episode, N. Kalia presents a startling premise; Santa Claus, his elves, gift bags/seasonal gift giving, naughty or nice lists and many other aspects of the Western Christmas tradition have ancient connections with India’s Vedic Ramayana tradition.

Have you ever wondered why Santa looks and behaves the way he does? Why do culture’s all over the World seemingly have different Santa origin stories?

Did you know that the prototype for Santa was based on the ‘Dog-Headed’ St. Christopher among several other ancient personalities?

In this discussion many clues are shared regarding the many mysteries at the root of the Christmas traditions.

N. Kalia has dedicated decades of research in pursuit of Vedic motifs and their transmigrations, such as comparing St. Christopher as the proto-Santa Claus with Hanuman of the Ramayana. He also specializes in Native American and Polynesian theology by way of etymology.

In this very special Christmas episode, join our hosts Kalia, Vrin and Elijah in uncovering the hidden origins of St. Christopher’s dog-headed antics in his transformation into the beloved Holiday figure we know today!

Also please visit our additional references and companion resources for your own independent study of this very fascinating topic:

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