Quietly Making an Impact in the War Against Truth

The voice crying in the wilderness, is it heard by anyone? If heard does it resonate or have any effect? When it comes to the truth it certainly does.

In June 2013, the UK based Hindu Today magazine published the article “Krishna and Shiva Worship in Ancient China”. (I was officially US editor and was tasked with approving final layout, design and all articles from non-UK based writers.)

One month after the article was published…In July 2013, The Hindu Newspaper, one of India’s oldest and prominent news outlets, (mainstream secular paper despite Hindu name) published an article called “Behind China’s Hindu temples, a forgotten history”

Despite direct access to the ancient artifacts and the interest and cooperation of local experts, the Hindu News editorial staff chose to obscure the details of the discoveries.

The Hindu also produced a short informative video as well. Behind China’s Hindu temples, a forgotten history. It features the Narasimha panel at the Kaiyuan Temple, (without actually showing it.) Interestingly, the caretaker, Huang Yishan, describes Narasimha as a symbol of ‘Man’s Wisdom and the Lion’s Courage.’

Vid Screen cap

The article originally featured the author”s photograph of the Narasimha carvings. This was removed however in an updated 2016 version. Even more telling is the fact they do not actually show the Narasimha panel in the video, despite interviewing a man about the panel, as hes literally standing right in front of it!

The Hindu editorial staff decided to publish the article, make a video about it yet never actually show the artifact, and then remove the picture of the Narasimha sculpture highlighted in the article. They also obscured the panels featuring childhood Krishna’s Vrindavan lila as “mythological stories related to Vishnu.” In fact these panels were totally ignored. As if ancient Chinese Krishna carvings are not of intense interest to a country of 700 million Krishna worshippers! They removed all the very informative comments as well.

Panels featuring Narasimha and Child Krishna that The Hindu Newspaper refused to share

So why remove the only photo highlighting the very focus of the article? Why totally ignore the rarest and most unique artifacts, the Child Krishna panels? Why remove thought provoking inspired comments (sample added below) that prove the public’s interest?

That is a huge topic but it’s done for the same reason that most ancient statues, icons or paintings of Blue Divinities are generally obscured and ignored. The agenda? Keep the true history of Humanity’s shared heritage hidden from the people of the world.

The updated version of the article features this image yet no updated caption is provided. However the left side features a centaur-like Vanara. In Sanskrit both Vanara and Kinnara translate as a question, “Is it (hu)man?” Kinnaras are often depicted in Vedic/Buddhist art. Did the Chinese sculptures confuse the words Vanara and Kinnara? Is there another example of a half lion half Vanara creature?
Original 2013 Version of the Hindu article

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