‘Tollan/Tula/Toltec’ Examining Cultural Historical Names of Central America: Comparison of Sanskrit & World Language

By Neil Kalia Robinson

What if anything, do the Central American Nahuatl (Azteca) words TULA & TEC have in relation with Sanskrit words TULA & TAKSHA? Are they too remote to be directly linked as some have proposed or is there actually some evidence of a world language, (Sanskrit or Devanagari) that has long been forgotten? 

Devanagari script from a section of the Sanskrit Bhagavata-purana, c. 1880–c. 1900; British Library.
Balinese Maya Danava
There were so many facets of fine woodworking that aren’t even thought of in Western carpentry” – The Soul of a Tree George Nakashima Whilst working in India in 1936, building a monastery, George became a disciple of the philosopher and yogi, Sri Aurobindo which contributed greatly to George’s spiritual evolution
Traditional Afan-Oromo Singer
The Great Serpent Sacrifice, Sarpa Satra performed by Emperor Janamejaya of the Kuru empire 
The Naga Takshaka Spared from Being Sacrificed
Neil Kalia Robinson

Artist, Sanskrit scholar, Traditional Storyteller, Researcher and Cultural Activist

One of Honolulu Hawaii’s imminent and popular artists, Neil Kalia’s murals decorated many of Honolulu”s premier clubs, venues, halls and Temples. Musician, DJ, promoter, and Co-founder of Vedic Empire Productions. Neil has spent over 30 years researching the cross cultural connections between the world’s ancient traditions and languages. One of the world’s leading scholars and researchers on ancient Polynesian tradition and language and it’s Sanskrit and Vedic roots.

Neil Kalia’s 30 foot Shiva Mural Climber’s Paradise, Honolulu, Hawaii (vid Screen cap)
Traditional Storytelling

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