Alexander the Great Worships Blue Amun Ra & Eye of the Serpent

“Alexander is the King of the South and North, He is chosen of Amun, Beloved of Ra and the Son of Ra, Lord of Risings” Carving and Inscription of Alexander the Great Worshiping a Blue Amun Ra. Amun Temple Thebes, (Luxor) Egypt.

Amun Ra is also holding an Ankh or a crux ansata (Latin meaning “cross with a handle”.) The Cross, the Ankh, the Swastika and the Disc are all representative of the same thing. It is verily the Sudarshana Chakra of Vishnu.

Close up Amun Ra

In the original Egyptian language the word Ankh is a combination of the letters ayin, nun and ha. Ayin in fact means EYE and the letter nun means Serpent. Vishnu’s Sudarshana Chakra literally means Auspicious Vision Disc. And this Disc is in fact an Avatar of the Divine Serpent Ananta.

Thus the ancient Egyptian word Ankh has within it the words and concept of the EYE and the Serpent exactly like Vishnu’s Sudarshana. And just like Vishnu, Amun Ra is depicted as blue and he holds an Eye Serpent emblem (Sudarshan Chakra) in his hand.

Note: Vultures, Eagles, Falcons, Hawks, Condors are Symbolically One and the Same

These are just two similarities. When combined with Amun Ra’s Eagle/Hawk associate and avatar and not just any snake, but often blue Cobras resting over his head, along with Amun Ra’s various titles, activities and descriptions that are an exact match with Vishnu’s, it is obvious that the ancient Egyptians worshiped the same Godhead as the Vaishnavas of India.

Ananta Shesha Naga Carrying Vishnu in His Auspicious Vision Form as the Disc – Su Darshana Chakra. From the Reverse Side of King Tutankhamun’s Throne
Purport by Bhaktiananda Goswami / David Sherman

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