Brannon Parker’s Speech & Tour – Assam & Arunachal Pradesh

Brannon Parker 2nd lecture and tour of the States of NE India. He highlights that the Indigenous Faiths of India are Valuable and Authentic. He also differentiates the teachings of Jesus Christ from the Aggressive Proselytizing tactics of today’s ‘Christians’. Today many Christians and others of faith have failed to recognize their own God within the Indigenous World’s sacred traditions. Thus turmoil ensues. Parker also points out that unlike other major religions Hinduism does not attempt to supplant and devalue the Tribal Faith Traditions.

Watch Brannon’s NE India Speaking Tour

Recognizing that Indigenous Faith and Culture are synonymous and the two cannot be separated, India’s indigenous activists recognize the sacred at the roots of all life. It is this concept that has maintained the environmental and social equilibrium of India for thousands of years. When people forget the underlying spiritual foundation of life and become disconnected from their roots, social and cultural atrophy develops.

Thus today we find that the Pyramids of Egypt are there yet the religion and culture of the pyramid builders has disappeared from the face of the earth. The Grand relics of Greece remain yet the religion which inspired these structures now stands extinct. The magnificent structures of Mexico, Peru, Africa, China and elsewhere now only remain as Museum spectacles.

It is primarily India alone that has preserved both the grand structures and the traditions of the Ancients. Yet today in India the effort to preserve and enhance the ways of the ancestors has been met with stiff resistance. Hostility reigns as Traditionalists are labeled as fundamentalists and backward reprobates and obstacles to progress.

Over the years Vrndavan Parker has traveled India in order to inspire and inform the natives of the value of their own cultures and traditions. Recognizing that the same tragedy which engulfed the Natives of the Americas, Australia, Africa etc. he, along with other activists has made a stand to support those confronted by the ongoing Cultural Genocide of Native India.

Vibrant Culture is based on Faith and a direct recognition of the Spiritual and Devotional component. Thus by reinforcing the faith and traditions of Indigenous India, it is not Indian society alone that  benefits, but rather the entire world is benefited.

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