And Tecumseh Spoke – ‘Hurling out his Words like a Succession of Thunderbolts’ Magazine Version

Tecumseh travelled throughout the land sharing his message of solidarity and unity. His tour took him to many towns all throughout the Indian country. The delivery of his message impressed all who listened.

US Army Brigadier General Samuel Dale Monument

The ‘Daniel Boone of Alabama’, General Samuel Dale, who had fought the Indians, provides an eyewitness account. “At length Tecumseh spoke, at first slowly and in sonorous tones; but soon he grew impassioned, and the words fell in avalanches from his lips. His eyes burned with supernatural lustre, and his whole frame trembled with emotion: his voice resounded over the multitude—now sinking in low and musical whispers, now rising to its highest key, hurling out his words like a succession of thunderbolts. I have heard many great orators but I have never seen one with the vocal powers of Tecumseh!” US Army Brigadier General Samuel Dale

Source: Primal Revelation at the Heart of Civilization

Tecumseh Speaks to the Indians of Alabama

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