My Tribute to a Saintly Multi-Millionaire – Yes, it’s Not an Oxymoron

Even before his success in business, Arjan Vekaria had been a dedicated humanitarian. During his childhood in Africa, he was involved in several charitable campaigns. In his early days in the UK he would go door to door collecting funds for Indian orphanages.

His charitable activities extended beyond the ethnic barrier as well and thus from 1985- 87 he spearheaded the SKLPC (UK) Ethiopian Famine Relief Fund Drive. Then in 1987/88 he coordinated the Gujarat Drought Relief Fund and after the massive earthquake of 2001 he was the Chief Coordinator for the Relief and Reconstruction for Gujarat Earthquake from 2001 until 2004.

Arjan’s obvious dedication to selfless service was recognized far and wide throughout British society. He was thus appointed to many prestigious positions such as Governor of Copland Community School in 2007, Trustee of the Asian Foundation for Help (UK); Elected President of Hindu Forum of Britain in 2009 the largest umbrella body for British Hindus, Trustee and Vice President of Shree Navchetan Andhjan Man dal Kutch India, honored with the Community Personality of the Year Award by the UK Home Secretary and Minister of Justice.

In 2010 Arjan was appointed as one of 13 faith advisers by the UK Government’s Communities Secretary John Denham. Arjanji also had the distinction of being a Justice of the Peace (Magistrate) appointed by the Lord Chancellor on behalf of HM The Queen. Despite representing the world’s third largest religion with a massive and economically vibrant middle class population, Hindus have a miniscule media presence. In an effort to fill this gap, Arjan Vekaria and his brother Shashi founded Hindu Today Magazine in 2007.

Thus the world’s only Pan-Hindu monthly magazine was born. Yet, within a month of the demise of Arjan Vekaria, Hindu Today Magazine was no more; but not before making a significant impact on the history of the world. As a direct result of the publication of our Hindu Yezidi Cultural similarities, two of the world’s most ancient Civilizations were once again reunited. 

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