Mongolia’s Khan Garuda

Garuda adorns the Official Flag of the Mongolian Capital City Ulan Bator

Mongolian Garid, also known as Khangarid or Khan Garuda, is the Vedic Garuda, the Divine Eagle of Vishnu. Mongolian traditions associate Garuda with prowess, vitality, good fortune, victory and the triumph of goodness.

Genghis Khan’s pet Eagle/Falcon, Garid, often rode up on his arm. For him it “…was better and surer than any arrow, because it could fly up into the skies and see everything that a human being could not.”

Garuda adorns the Official Emblem of the Mongolian Capital City Ulan Bator

Mongolian Soccer Team Garuda Logo

Khangarid is a Mongolian professional football club from Erdenet, competing in the Mongolian National Premier League.

The Blue God of the Mongols & The Swastika of Eternity

State Emblem of Mongolia

The state emblem of Mongolia was adopted on March 25, 1992,after the fall of the Communist government. It features a Blue Disk (Neela Chakra) encircled by interconnected Swastikas. Known as Tumen Nasan, the Swastikas represent Eternity or Ananta ‘the Un-ending’. This is Ananta Shesha who supports and encircles Vishnu and it is the very same Sacred Cobra encircling the Disc of the ancient Egyptians. The State emblem also includes 3 Chintamani (Wish-fulfilling) Stones and a Buddha Dharma Wheel resting upon a Lotus Flower.